Dental Crowns

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Custom-Built Crowns Designed For You

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Also known as caps, crowns are dental restorations surrounding a tooth that’s severely decayed, broken, or cracked. The purpose of a crown is to restore the tooth’s strength, function, and durability. It can be used individually or for other procedures, such as bridges and dental implants.

The placement of a crown usually requires two office visits:

  • Preparation: To prepare a tooth crown placement, the area around the tooth is numbed, allowing us to easily shape the tooth to make room for the crown. We’ll use digital technology to ensure the new crown properly fits, functions accordingly, and the tooth color is carefully matched.
  • Beautiful Fit: We’ll send our findings to our exquisite dental lab who’ll craft your gorgeous crown. Once it’s finished, our experts will place it over the natural tooth and make any needed adjustments.

Dental Crowns Can Save Your Tooth

Strong and natural-looking restorations that bring many benefits to your smile.

Restores Your Tooth
When a tooth loses its structure, dental crowns can help restore its shape.
Improve Function

It can improve chewing function, speech, and esthetics.

Look Amazing
We’ll carefully match the shade of the crown to your natural teeth, so your new smile looks amazing.

Combining Craftsmanship With Innovative Care

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  • Digital Technology: Our dental experts at Midtown Dental Excellence carefully plan your crown’s design by using our innovative dental technology to analyze the shape, size, and fit. Our iTero® Digital Scanner is incredible in comfortably and accurately getting the information we need to send to the dental lab.
  • Expertise Care: All of our dentists at Midtown Dental Excellence have their unique specialties. Our combined knowledge with years of expertise allows you to gain access to high-quality dental care.
  • Comprehensive Care: How will you know you need a crown? Our goal is to make sure you receive care that keeps your smile’s function and beauty in tip-top shape. When you come to see us for a checkup, we’ll do a thorough comprehensive exam to determine if you’re in need of a restoration.
‘‘I am so happy with the work that was done by the doctors! My dental crowns feel like my own teeth!’’

- Actual Happy Patient

Have Questions About Dental Crowns?

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  • What materials are used to make dental crowns?
    Dental crowns are made of many different materials. Some of those materials include:

    • Gold
    • Gold Alloys
    • Metal Alloys
    • Porcelain
    • Ceramic
    • Zirconia
    • Composite Resin
    • A Combination of Materials

    During your comprehensive exam, we’ll discuss whether you’re a candidate for crowns and what material is the right option for you.

  • How long will my crown last?
    With proper oral hygiene and regular visits to our dentists in New York, your crown can last between 15 and 20 years.

Save Your Smile With Dental Crowns

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